Connected Insurance

Marrying innovation and insurance

Insurance that adds real value

We provide connected solutions that add tangible value to your fleet operations. Our fleet insurance is designed to empower you with actionable insights, powered by cutting-edge machine learning and AI technologies.


Watchkeeper as standard

Our insurance is not just a safety net but a proactive tool for fleet management. By harnessing real-time data from your vessels, we derive deep insights from within the dataset, enabling you to make informed decisions ahead of time.

Data driven approach

Each vessel is assigned an MPI (Mechanical Performance Index) score, underpinned by vessel operations data, providing you with a simple and easy-to-interpret measure of your fleet's overall performance.

Extend service intervals allowing your fleet go further for longer, all fully backed by our insurance.

Fleetwide analytics

Our Connected Insurance provides comprehensive fleet-wide analytics, allowing you to compare vessels across your fleet and gain insights into their mechanical performance, fuel efficiency and risk factors.

Easily identify the highest risk and best-performing vessels, mitigating potential issues before they arise.

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To benefit from our connected insurance, your fleet must meet the following requirements:

1. Watchkeeper device installed

Already have an existing data logger? Our expert engineers can securely connect to it and start analysing.

2. Near-realtime data feed

We’re an approved Starlink installer, speak to us about getting Starlink installed.


We are proud to work with Howden, one of the leading insurance brokers in the industry.

We are always looking to add new value to brokers and welcome opportunities to partner with other industry leaders. Let's collaborate to enhance the value we bring to our clients.

"Ceto are pushing the boundaries of data and analytics in the marine industry. Their unique technology enables not only risk response, but true risk prevention and mitigation. Our partnership with Ceto is the perfect marriage between innovation and insurance, enabling us to develop new solutions for the marine insurance market, ones that deliver real value to clients."

James Irvine
Head of Marine Global Lines, Chaucer
Ready to optimise your fleet? We securely analyse millions of data points each day in order to keep your fleet operating safer, for longer.

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