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Ceto brings your underutilised telemetry data to the forefront of vessel operations. By connecting our proprietary Watchkeeper device or making use of your existing data logging solution, Ceto delivers industry-leading predictive analytics to help prevent machinery breakdowns, reduce carbon emissions and quantify operational risk.


Our machine learning models ingest hundreds of millions of data points each month creating an accurate representation of a vessel's condition and establish a baseline on our proprietary Machinery Performance Index. We then spot anomalies early and predict the future condition of equipment, catching potential problems before they arise and protecting your vessel and crew from lost time incidents.


With millions of data points captured from a single vessel each day, we can make informed decisions on how to optimise a vessel's performance. Fuel consumption, emissions, voyage data and machinery indicators are all tracked and provided in an intuitive dashboard, along with performance suggestions allowing you to make practical data-driven maintenance decisions to maintain safety and optimise your fleet.



Our ever-evolving carbon emissions monitoring tool, keeping you on the right side of compliance.

EU MRV Compliance
IMO DCS Compliance
CII Monitoring & Forecasting
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Our high fidelity predictive analytics solution, transmitting live data from ship to shore.

Prevent Machinery Breakdowns
Condition & Performance Insights
High Frequency Data Capture
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Connected Insurance

Our market-beating insurance, built on realtime data and AI insights.

Competitively Priced Insurance
Insights to Improve Safety
Compatible With All Data Logging Solutions
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Since 2020 we've been partnered with the best in maritime, technology and insurance to power our platform

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