Preventing machinery breakdowns on ships of any size

Why Watchkeeper?

Predictive Maintenance


Watchkeeper utilises AI and sensor data from engines and machinery aboard vessels.

Continuously monitoring vital components, Watchkeeper analyses patterns and anomalies to anticipate potential issues before they escalate.

By predicting maintenance needs, it enables timely interventions to ensure your fleet's smooth operation.


With Watchkeeper, prevent costly downtime and unexpected failures.

By proactively addressing maintenance needs based on data insights, you can avoid disruptions to operations and extend equipment lifespan.

Watchkeeper also optimises maintenance schedules, reducing unnecessary servicing and associated costs.

Performance and Efficiency

Optimising performance and efficiency is crucial to remain competitive and environmentally responsible.

By leveraging Watchkeeper's insights, you can identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and reduce fuel consumption, ultimately leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.

How it works

Watchkeeper seamlessly integrates with existing data services, offering hands-off integration for vessels of any size. Whether through APIs, Webhooks, or simple CSV/Excel uploads, our platform ensures smooth data flow for analysis

Works with existing data services

Watchkeeper is compatible with various data services, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration.

Hands-off integration

Effortless integration, allowing vessels to remain operational while seamlessly connecting to Watchkeeper.

Near-realtime data stream

Access near-realtime data streams, through our partnership with Starlink, ensuring timely insights

No existing data logger?

Our Watchkeeper Device provides a seamless solution.

The Watchkeeper Device plugs into your fleet’s existing systems, securely collecting and sending data to us for analysis, ensuring that you have access to critical insights.


Reduce downtime

Supporting engineering decisions to ensure your vessels are operational for longer, meaning your vessels are always available for when the next charter fixture is agreed.


Increase service intervals

Taking a data driven approach to maintenance based on real machinery performance. helping you make informed decisions about when to conduct maintenance and saving you costs without the worry of machinery failure.


Improve efficiency

Providing detailed insights to commercial and operations teams to support decision making when it comes to voyage performance and fuel consumption. Better for your business and the environment.

Ready to optimise your fleet? We securely analyse millions of data points each day in order to keep your fleet operating safer, for longer.

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