Ceto Launch New CarbonID Product

CarbonID, a new online platform to manage fleet’s carbon emissions, is launched by Ceto ahead of stricter EU regulation

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Tue Mar 19 2024

Newcastle, 19th March 2024 – Ceto, the leading technology provider of predictive analytics for the maritime industry, is launching an end-user platform that enables ship owners, managers, and charter parties to monitor, report, and control their fleet's carbon emissions. CarbonID arrives at a critical time as the maritime sector prepares for the full implementation of the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) regulations.

Reducing emissions in the maritime sector is a priority for the EU. In 2018, global shipping emitted 1,076 million tonnes of CO2, and was responsible for around 2.9% of global emissions caused by human activities. From January 2024, the EU has expanded its ETS to include CO2 emissions from all large ships entering EU ports, covering 50% of emissions from voyages starting or ending outside the EU and 100% of emissions within EU ports.[1]

CarbonID, accessible as a simple monthly subscription directly through Ceto's website, can provide ship owners and operators with quick and accurate visibility of EUA requirements for voyages that fall under the ETS, allowing users to easily monitor and report consumption. The product is also equipped with powerful forecasting tools that allow operators to efficiently plan for any route deviations, for example caused by sudden attacks on the ship, without worrying about the unforeseen costs associated with the change in passage plan. Future features include the addition of verification services, the ability to invoice cargo owners directly from the platform and the ability to optimise passages based on vessel performance data to bring down EUA requirements on voyages with EU port calls.

Tony Hildrew, CEO at Ceto explained: “EU ETS compliance is simple; why should the software that monitors EUA exposure be complicated? This efficient and forward-looking platform prioritises transparency and eliminates the need for lengthy contractual negotiations, ensuring that maritime companies can confidently navigate the evolving environmental landscape”.

About Ceto

Ceto is a leader in predictive analytics for the maritime industry, developing products to prevent machinery breakdowns, reduce carbon emissions and deliver best in class risk insights. With a focus on technology, sustainability, and risk mitigation, Ceto is dedicated to empowering maritime professionals to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

For more information on CarbonID and to start your compliance journey, visit our website.

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[1] https://climate.ec.europa.eu/eu-action/transport/reducing-emissions-shipping-sector_en

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